The St. Regis Saadiyat Island Resort, Abu Dhabi
The St. Regis Saadiyat Island Resort, Abu Dhabi
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Iridium Spa
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Iridium Spa, Exclusive Spa in Abu Dhabi

The Iridium Spa is rare and refined.

Spectrums of services, all of which are rare and refined, inspire design and product selection of the Iridium Spa, leaving guests as they would feel after a stay at one of our hotels, having experienced the very finest imaginable.

From arrival to departure, Iridium Spa provides guests with the rarest of luxuries: time. It is here where guests can enjoy exclusive access to one of the world’s most coveted benefits.

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Just as with the St. Regis brand, where we look to our heritage for inspiration and to inform our language and service of today, we use the word “iridium” to find history and create meaning.

Literally meaning “of rainbows,” the word “iridium” comes from the Greek mythological goddess Iris, which transcends sea and sky as a messenger and is manifested as a rainbow.

And today, iridium itself is one of the most precious and rarest metals on Earth. A transition metal of the platinum family, iridium is the second densest element in the world and ten times less abundant than platinum.


Time dedicated to you: This is the core of Iridium Spa.

It is about the individual moments that are tailored to each guest – guiding them through a spectrum of moods – whether they wish to be energized, simply wind down or tailor their own experience. Dedicated attention and personal time is what makes Iridium Spa unique.

Whether for half an hour or half a day, each spa experience is personally crafted to meet the elemental needs of each guest. From a selection of the finest teas delivered throughout the journey to a spectrum of signature treatments that turn back time, informed by the guest’s specific needs, each moment is thoughtfully dedicated to enhance the moments spent at Iridium Spa. Our spa associates are trained to deliver the very best spa experiences – uniquely suited to our guests – in a seamless and discreet manner.

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TELEPHONE: +971 2 498 8996